#7325 EZ Laser Tuner Tool

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The EZ Laser Tuner Tool is a invaluable tool which makes setting up the center shot of
a new arrow rest or checking the center shot alignment on most compound bows easy. It
is extremely fast and accurate yet priced so the average archer can afford it. The EZ Laser
Tuner Tools adjustable clamp easily attaches to the top cam of the bow - no bow/arrow
levels or attachment screws are required. It directs the laser downward to reveal the
centershot of the bow which will then determine the exact placement of the arrow rest in
relation to the cam & string. Equipment such as bow sights and bow quivers don’t have to
be removed, which makes using this tool extremely fast to attach and easy remove from
most compound bows. Not recommend for use on bows with cam lean.
#7325 EZ Laser Tuner Tool

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